a-JAYS One+ Earphones Review


Do you love to listen to your iPhone or iPad with a pair of great sounding earphones, but are constantly hassled by the cables being tangled in a hairball mess whenever you put them in your pocket or purse? Earphone manufacturer Jays claims they have a design that makes tangled earphone wires a thing of the past. Read on to find out if they succeeded in their efforts.
I have used a lot of earphones and headphones, several of which I have reviewed for iPhone Life. But of all the audio solutions I've seen, a-JAYS One+ is the first that ditches the standard earphone wiring for a broadly flattened, thicker and heavier cables. Intrigued, I tried using them off and on for several weeks and ultimately decided they just weren't optimal for my active lifestyle.
The a-JAYS One+ is no slouch in the audio department. They deliver highs and deep bass lows with nary a hint of crackle or distortion. They also feature a single button remote with a built-in microphone for easy operation. And unlike a lot of headphones built for iOS compatibility, the button remote also works on Android and Windows handsets. This is a real benefit if you happen to use more than one type of device in your digital lifestyle (say for example an iPhone for your mobile phone and a Nexus 7 for your tablet). These earphones also come with 5 pairs of different sized silicone earphone tips to more perfectly match your ear canal. And the earphones come in either black or white to match the color of your lifestyle.
a-JAYS One+ Earphones
So what's the problem with these earphones? For me, it was the earphone cables themselves. I simply found them too bulky, heavy and uncomfortable to wear the earphones for an extended period of time. Given my active outdoor lifestyle, the earphone cables kept slapping me on my cheeks when I ran, did sit-ups or rode my bike into the wind. I tried everything from twist-tie bundling up the loose cable slack to clamping the cables to my shirt with little success.
This negative user experience may have just been a case of my heavy exercise routine, since my wife loved the fact that, unlike nearly every other headset she's used, the a-JAYS One+ never tangled into a frustrating wire ball when carried in her purse. She's also not nearly as active as I am and chose to wear the a-JAYS One+ when comfortably sitting around the house.
Based on these two different scenarios, your own mileage may vary. While the earphones were too heavy and bulky for me (they seemed to tug on my ears far more than most earphones and headsets I've used), others may find that the a-JAYS One+ may have minimal impact on their listening comfort. And I do like the fact that they sound great on a range of modern digital audio playing devices. But ultimately when it comes down to which pair of headphones I will be reaching for on my next outdoor excursion, I'll leave the a-JAYS One+ at home for my wife to use instead.
Manufacturer: Jays
Price: $59.99
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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