iStabilizer Monopod Review


The image capturing quality of the iPhone is stunning. But what about those times when you need a boost above the crowd to take a snapshot or video of an important person or event? You could try extending your arm and precariously perch your phone in your hand. But not only would you not get the phone very high, but also put your phone at risk of taking a tumble to the ground (especially if you're moving while shooting). It's these type of scenarios that were made for iStabilizer's Monopod. Read on to discover if this is the camera assistance you're looking for.
The Monopod is exactly what the name says it is - a single leg camera stand, or more accurately, extending pole. When fully extended, the Monopod is over three feet long. Add that o an extended adult arm, and you could have your iPhone tower six feet over the crowd, or hang 6 feet off the edge of a cliff or outside a moving car. 
The Monopod also supports more than just the iPhone - essentially any modern handheld camera/cameraphone or micro-video camera like the GoPro should fit within the Monopod's clamp. Once firmly in place, you can telescopically extend the Monopod in a second, ready to take that awe-inspiring in-your-face crowd shot. You can also use it to capture that self-portrait shot that doesn't have your arm sticking into the left or right side perspective. Even better, take the shot that has you and your friends around so that all of you can be in the shot together versus one being left out as the designated photographer.
iStabilizer Monopod
In addition to still photography, the Monopod can also act as an inexpensive dolly for sweeping vista or panoramic views. And speaking of panoramas, when used with Apple's new panoramic camera software, the Monopod can take long pan landscape views from better, more stable heights than even the steadiest outstretched arm can hope to match.
When collapsed, the durable half-pound Monopod is just under 15 inches long, making it an easy addition to slip into your backpack, purse or handbag. Still, it's one of those items that is only worth its purchase price if you bring it with you wherever you go. Unless you know that you will be surrounded by a flash mob at a certain time or know when that celebrity, stunning panoramic sunset or impromptu group of friends will just happen to occur, being without the Monopod at those moments make it quickly lose its value.
Besides, when not doing its job as a extended stabilization camera phone platform, the Monopod can double as a tool to get to places like pantry shelves and tree limbs where you're not tall or slender enough to reach. You could also use it as a guide to coral pets  while taking photos or videos of them along the path - truly fun stuff for a fun accessory.
Product: Monopod
Manufacturer: iStabilizer
Price: $34.95
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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