iKlip Studio Review

The dedicated iOS application and accessory designers at IK Multimedia have been hard at work amassing quite a catalog of products optimized for the musician. A recent addition to this line-up is an iPad stand that meets the stringent requirements of durability and stability that have been shown in the rest of their iKlip line. Does the iKlip Studio match these high expectations? Read on to find out.

The iKlip Studio is a collapsable iPad stand that measures roughly six by eight and a half inches and is compatible with all generations of the iPad. It can be adjusted to several angles, from nearly horizontal to nearly vertical depending on your needs. The base has rubber foot-pads to prevent table sliding, a problem I've encountered with several other iPad stands. The iKlip Studio also includes a detachable iRig bracket optimized to hold IK Multimedia's AmpliTube iRig guitar cable in place. If you're already using the AmpliTube iRig with an iPad, this clip is reason alone to buying an iKlip Studio. Say goodbye to messy duct tape and cable sprawl thanks to this helpful bonus.
iKlip Studio
While the iKlip Studio will probably stay firmly rooted at your mixing table, it's also nice to know that it can collapse flat to easily fit in a gig bag. And the front shelf grips are long enough to comfortably hold an iPad enclosed in an iPad cover.  It's nice to have this unobstructed access so that I can keep my covered iPad seated in the iKlip Studio stand when the screen is not in use.
All told, the iKlip Studio is a no-brainer for those musically-inclined iPad owners who already own IK Multimedia products, especially the AmpliTube iRig. And it's durable and portable enough for even those non-musicians looking to prop their iPads up on a well designed, stable stand that supports portrait and landscape modes while offering easy, unobstructed access to the headphone jack, volume and power buttons. Now if only IK could design a matching iPad case.  Hmmmm…
Product: iKlip Studio
Manufacturer: IK Multimedia
Price: $29.99
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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