iKlip MINI Review

IK Multimedia have crafted a bracket for iPhone owners who are musicians and/or students of music. Like its iKlip for the iPad big brother, the iKlip MINI is designed for vocalists, guitarists and anyone else who uses the iPhone or iPod Touch for their digital set lists, lyrics or effects controller. Read on to find out if the iKlip MINI is something you'll need.

Given the success that IK Multimedia had with their original iKlip for the iPad (see my earlier review), it's obvious why they created something similar for the iPhone. Like the original iKlip, the iKlip MINI mounts sturdily and keeps the iPhone's display front and center. And because the iPhone's size and weight are smaller than the iPad, a standard mic tripod does a much more convincing job of keeping the iKlip'd iPhone from falling over. A detachable bracket for IK Multimedia's iRig guitar cable accessory is included, making the iKlip MINI helpful even with cable management.


iKlip MINI

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Conversely, the iPhone's smaller display means that live performing musicians will have to keep their eyes close to the mic stand, and guitarists will need to take more time selecting the right effects settings on the smaller screen real estate that the iPhone constrains.

Overall, the iKlip MINI delivers on its promise of keeping an iPhone or iPod Touch snugly mounted and conveniently accessible when performing. While I still prefer IK Mutlimedia's original iKlip due to the larger screen surface that the iPad offers, I suspect those players who prefer the lighter travel weight of the iPhone will be well aligned with the iKlip MINI's intentions.  If you play an instrument and want to get your iPhone into the act without a lot of hassle, the iKlip MINI may be exactly what you're looking for.

Product: iKlip MINI
Manufacturer: IK Multimedia
Price: $39.99
Rating: 4/5 stars

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