Hover Bar Review


Are you looking for a stand for your iPad that doesn't take up table space? Twelve South, the company behind the Hover Bar, combined the concept of a gooseneck desk lamp with a clamp-mounted base to create a unique and sturdy iPad holder that, well, hovers above your desk. Read on to find out how the Hover Bar works out in the real world.
If you are like me, your desk workspace is premium real estate. Open spaces quickly become occupied by papers, gadgets, computer supplies or books, making it a challenge to allocate space to an iPad stand. And when that stand exists, it hard to get the angle of the stand to tilt just right for viewing the iPad and a computer monitor on the desk at the same time. So when Twelve South announced their Hover Bar, I was intrigued by the idea of being able to reclaim desk space while finally having the opportunity to position the iPad's display at the perfect angle relative to everything else on my desk.
Hover Bar
The Hover Bar arrives disassembled in a beautifully designed package. The box it comes in is worthy of becoming part of your long term storage inventory, and helps solidify the impression that the Hover Bar is a high quality product. Removing the base clamp and gooseneck bar from the box seals the deal on the quality confirmation, as they are heavy, solid metal products.
Hover Bar
Assembling the Hover Bar takes five minutes, and the clamp accommodates a wide range of surfaces it can be clamped upon. Monitor stands, desk edges and bookshelves are typical bases. The location the bar is currently attached to is my kitchen cabinets. When my wife saw how solidly built and effective the Hover Bar worked on my desk, she thought it would be perfect to mount in the kitchen when she was on the phone or preparing a meal. And it because the gooseneck allows the affixed iPad to swivel into the ideal viewing angle, it works like a charm. The only problem now is that I don't know if I will ever be able to move the Hover Bar anywhere else!
Hover Bar
The Hover Bar works equally well with the iPad 2 and new iPad, snapping firmly into the Hover Clip, a specially formed holder that firmly attaches to the back of the iPad. Twelve South also makes the Hover Clip for the original iPad as well, potentially breathing new life into that non iOS6-capable hardware platform. Check out the installation and usage videos that Twelve South have posted online to see the Hover Bar in action.
Overall, the Hover Bar is a terrific product that serves its specific product niche very well. Everything about the product from its packaging and solid, heavy construction to its stylized fixture design oozes high quality. Once attached to your table, cabinet, bookshelf, nightstand or whatever works best for you, the Hover Bar will become a permanent fixture in your home or office for some time to come.
Product: Hover Bar
Manufacturer: Twelve South
Price: $79.99
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
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