Gum Max Review

Just Mobile, a company predominantly known for their iPad and iPhone stands and holders, also has a line of products to provide backup power to those devices. With the release of their Gum Max backup battery, Just Mobile offers iPad users a solution that's hard to pass up. What makes the Gum Max better than the various other external battery backup solutions? Read on to find out.

The Gum Max is compatible with not only the iPad and iPad 2, its included USB-to-Apple dock connector can be plugged into iPods and iPhones. Also included in the package is a USB to micro-USB cable to recharge power to other portable devices like Android phones and Ebook readers. This micro-USB cable serves double duty, since you will need to use it to recharge the Gum Max. Conspicuously absent is a wall power adapter to recharge this beefy battery. The product also includes a cloth carrying case to store the Gum Max in when not in use.
Just Mobile Gum Max
When plugged into the iPad, the Gum Max looks like any other power supply powering the iPad, showing the iPad's internal battery recharging from the discharging of the externally attached Gum Max. Eight green LED's on top of the Gum Max show how much charge remains in the Gum Max's battery store. Recharging the Gum Max takes a couple hours, and can be turned on and off with the press of a small button on top of its case.
Carrying around the weighty extra energy capacity of the aluminum-shelled Gum Max provides enough power for a full recharge of an iPad, essentially doubling the iPad's operating battery time to over 20 hours. That's pretty amazing and is ideal for those individuals traveling on long flights or using the iPad at trade shows where power outlets are sparse. It's also a great solution for bikers, hikers and anyone going 'off the grid' for a couple days. Perhaps the next iteration of the Gum Max can have an efficient solar panel on the top of its case to help recharge the Gum Max's 10,400mAh storage capacity.
Besides the omission of a wall adapter to recharge the Gum Max when not in use, the only other rub against this otherwise fine, artfully styled spare battery backup is its price. At over a hundred dollars, one-fifth the cost of a low-end iPad 2, the Gum Max is not an inexpensive investment. But given the higher energy consumption requirements that the iPad demands, the Gum Max is one of the most stylishly effective spare external battery solution available today.
Product: Gum Max
Manufacturer: Just Mobile
Price: $109.95
Rating: 4/5 stars
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