Griffin TechSafe Case for iPad 2 Review

Griffin is no stranger to the iPad accessories market, so it's not surprising that they would branch out beyond the usual selection of cases and stands by offering a niche product that satisfies an important need. Read on to learn more about their TechSafe Case.

The TechSafe Case was specifically designed for an unsheathed iPad 2, so that the slip snuggly protects the iPad 2 from flimsy extraction. Once the case is tightly coupled around the iPad 2, a cable and 4-dial combination safety lock can be used to keep the iPad 2 secured to a table or display stand. The most obvious use cases for the TechSafe Case are for trade show exhibitions, store displays and interactive kiosks.

The case itself is solidly constructed and durably protects the edges of the iPad 2. The case also features a fold out stand that can seat the iPad 2 in landscape mode with a low and high degree angle. All the necessary cuts outs for the rear camera, headphone jack and sync cable are in place.

The security cable used with the lock is thick enough from being cut with a small pair of wire cutters but light enough to carry in an accessory bag without taking up the whole space. And the lock itself is a standard 4 numeric dial with ten thousand possible combinations.

TechSafe Case

I have only a few small criticisms about the case. First, I would have preferred a key instead of the dial lock mechanism. Call me old school, but I much prefer a lock that requires a key to open it versus a mechanism that can be more easily brute-force opened. It also would have been nice if the case would have been able to accommodate both the original iPad as well as the iPad 2, either via a back insert or expandable corners. And lastly, it would have been a bonus if the case came in more than just the black color to better match whatever primary color an exhibit display or kiosk it is anchored to.

All things considered, Griffin's TechSafe Case delivers on what it advertises, and is one of the few iPad 2 products on the market that fulfill this type of occasional security function well. While it would have been a bonus to have the case be able to accommodate both first and second generation iPads, there's a reason why the case has to custom-fit the object it is protecting. And for that, the TechSafe Case does the job.

Product: TechSafe Case
Manufacturer: Griffin Technology
Price: $79.99
Rating: 4/5 stars

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