Griffin Binder Insert Case Review


Are you a student or working professional who prefers to carry a traditional binder for analog paperwork, along with your iPad for your digital lifestyle? Tired of carrying around both separately? Griffin Technology may have just have the solution for you. They have created what is essentially a three hole punched binder sleeve designed to hold the iPad 2 or new iPad as if the iPad were like a binder booklet.
The  Griffin Binder Insert Case is made of thick, sturdy material designed to protect the back of iPad from scratches and friction from papers behind it. The gap of the sleeve is also designed around the proportions of the iPad 2/new iPad in that the contours expose the home button, camera, power and volume controls. It also is thin enough to grip the iPad it holds firmly in place. As such, you won't be sliding the iPad in and out of the top of the sleeve all that easily.  Rather, the iPad will stay put in the binder unless you really want to work at removing and re-inserting it.
Binder Insert Case
And that's pretty much what the Griffin Binder is all about. Even though Griffin suggests that the case can be used in both bound and stand-alone modes, it's optimally designed for being clipped into a three ring binder organizer. It also helps that there's a loop to hold stylus on the go. 
Binder Insert Case
For students (and parents for that matter) who don't want the burden of carrying their iPads separately and the added expense of a separate cover for their iPad, or for knowledge workers who have been weaned on binder organizers, the Griffin Binder offers an inexpensive, secure way to merge your two worlds of information together in a single, easy to carry solution.
Manufacturer: Griffin Technology
Price: $19.95
Rating: 4/5 stars
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