Geminus Genius Case 2 Review

I was a big fan of the original Geminus Genius Case when it was released for the first generation iPad. However, with the release of Apple's iPad 2, case requirements have changed. The addition of the iPad2 front facing and rear cameras combined with the iPad 2's thinner design need to be accounted for in a more modern case design. Fortunately, Geminus has not only re-engineered their Genius Case for the iPad 2's dimensions and features, the company has also added some really smart enhancements that keeps this case on the top of my iPad 2 accessory recommendations list.

Like the original design, the Genius Case 2 is available in both faux and real leather and can be customized with initials and logos in a variety of stamped and embossed formats. The leather case is particularly attractive and emphasizes a strong statement of quality and professionalism. This is the kind of case you can take to important client interactions, high level chief executive meetings and everyday commutes and not have to worry about projecting a cheap image. In fact, the case comes delivered in a box and tissue wrap as if it were purchased from an expensive fashion boutique, making it an ideal gift to send to a respected colleague, client or special someone.

Also like the original design, the new case sports pockets for credit cards and documents, a slot for dispensing Post-It notes and a pen loop complete with a Geminus pen included in the package. The snapping strap keeps the cover secure along with whatever papers, cards and accessories you have packed in the sleeves. The kickstand on the back of the rear cover can be adjusted with multiple angles, from viewing video to typing using the iPad 2's onscreen keyboard at just the right height. The case also comes packaged with a cleaning cloth that can be tucked away in one of the many front cover sleeves.


Geminus Genius Case 2

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New to the Genius Case 2 design are the cut-outs for the cameras and an appropriate fit to match the thinner iPad 2. But perhaps the most surprising and welcome improvements are the addition of earphone and power cord straps that keep these accessories snuggly secure in the cover fold. Absolutely brilliant! I don't know if my review of the original case had anything to do with this addition, but with it, I am at a loss for any criticism toward this second generation case. Now all the essentials of the iPad 2's operation combined with the business embellishments of the real world are contained in one efficient, attractive and protective package.

If you're looking for a high-end case for your iPad 2 that is feature-rich and very reasonably priced, the Geminus Genius Case 2 is one of the best choices available today.

Product: Geminus Genius Case 2
Price: $35 (faux leather), $55 (real leather),
$5+ for personalization features
Rating: 5/5 stars

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