Flick Golf HD for iPad Review

Based on the original Flick Golf app for iPhone, Flick Golf HD brings this finger slashing aim-for-the-bulls-eye projectile targeting game to the iPad. While the screenshots may give the somewhat misleading appearance of a minigolf-style course, Flick Golf HD consists of 5 'courses' which really are just five different environments with different tee-off and target locations. Additionally, it's not really golf but more of a flick the ball with your finger and control its angle of direction with a flurry of finger flicks to direct the ball as closely to the center of the bulls-eye as possible. You can continue to swish your finger on the screen once the ball hits the ground but only for a limited time.


Flick Golf Screen 1

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Course environments range from an aircraft carrier and canyons to skyscraper rooftops and Venice-style waterways. Each scene is rendered in hardware accelerated graphics giving fluid motion to the camera tracking the flicked ball's flightpath. Controls are intuitive, and gameplay can be furious at times trying to swish the ball as closely to a hole-in-one bullseye center as possible. Environmental effects like artificial wind can further deflect your objective. A set number of points are required to progress through the scenes. In addition to quick shot mode, Flick Golf HD offers world tour play, leaderboard and achievement badge tracking among its highlights.


Flick Golf Screen 2

Most of all, Flick Golf HD has that ephemeral quality of an addicting 'just one more try' gameplay that keeps it on screen past bedtime, bus stops and appointments. Even after playing the game for hours, getting a hole-in-one generates a tinge of proud accomplishment. However, the environments do start to get stale after awhile and the world tour and quickshot pro modes don't do much to extend interest in the game once the excitement it generates wears off.  


Flick Golf Screen 3

Still, for the price, Flick Golf HD delivers the kind of time-consuming entertainment other finger slasher games like Fruit Ninja have to offer. Now if developer Full Fat could combine the fairway style launches of the game with a zoom into a minigolf putting course that offers a microcosm of putting obstacles and trick shot themes, that would really be cool. But for now, it supplies enough of a entertainment kick to keep it on your iPad for a quick, finger-flick diversion.

Title: Flick Golf HD
Developer: Full Fat
Price: $4.99
Rating: 3/5 stars

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