Emerald Chronometer HD Review

A variety of clocks and timers for the iPad are pervasive in Apple's App Store, though few offer the beauty and sophistication that Emerald Sequoia's Chronometer HD. This brief review takes a look at this high resolution version based on the already popular iPhone release.

Emerald Chronometer features 15 accurately depicted watches with 26 total front and back watch faces, featuring day and night versions. Many of the watch faces also offer a variety of astronomical capabilities such as relative position and the rising and setting times for the sun, moon and the inner solar system planets, lunar and solar eclipse predictors and more.


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Beyond the variety of watch faces and designs, there's only a few additional features such as daily alarms, NTP "atomic clock" accuracy, stopwatch functionality and the ability to display watches in portrait or landscape mode. The application can also lock in via Google Maps your location, though I found that I had to manually enter my location to set the correct timezone. Other than that, its a straightforward and beautifully executed wristwatch emulation identical to the previously released iPhone version. For a more comprehensive review of that version, check out Doug Goldring's Quicklook article.


If you already purchased Chronometer for the iPhone, there's not much reason to purchase this resized graphic clone for the iPad. In fact, the product should have simply been upgraded to a Universal version to satisfy both iPhone and iPad users. But if you don't already own the iPhone version and want a nifty selection of time piece and find Emerald's other dazzling time-related application, Observatory, too bewildering, Emerald Chronometer HD supplies a nice variety of virtual watches to help you keep track of time while looking like a beautiful piece of jewelry doing so.

Title: Emerald Chronometer HD
Publisher: Emerald Sequoia LLC
Cost: $4.99
Rating: 4/5 stars

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