Divoom's iFit-2 Review


Are you still looking for that perfect iPhone or iPad stand that amplifies audio and doesn't cost a fortune to do so? Divoom has released an update to their original IFIT model that improves both the look and the sound at an affordable price. But does it hit the sweet spot that budget-conscious iOS device owners are looking for? Read on to find out.
Besides offering stereophonic sound in its diminutive base, the iFit-2 contains a rechargeable battery that can deliver up to seven hours of audio (though my real-world tests at mid-volume lasted around five hours from a full charge). The design is molded glossy black plastic with no frills LED power light, power switch, audio in port and mini-USB port for charging the battery. The stand also comes with a short mini-USB cable, though I had to replace it with another longer one to have the unit sit on my desk to reach a power source. In my case, I had a spare Apple power adapter lying around and used that to plug the USB cable into for charging and powering the iFit-2.
The iFit-2 supports an iPhone or iPad within its small cradle, with the backrest of the holder just slightly larger than the width and height of an iPhone oriented in landscape mode. There is a knock-out hole on the base of the stand where an Apple dock connector can be threaded, though this only works best when the device is seated in portrait mode. Otherwise, the iOS device doesn't lie flush again the stand because the dock connector cable gets in the way. This also means that if you want to simultaneously power/charge both your iOS device and the iFit-2, you need two power adapters.
The choice not to use Apple's proprietary connector does offer the significant advantage of being able to use the iFit-2 with non-iOS devices such as Android, MP3 players and other devices that use standard audio ports.
The sound quality from the stereo three watt speakers are OK, though don't expect high-end clarity, deep bass or booming volume. The ideal setting for the stand is a home room or small office setting that could use a little audio elevation. If you prefer to listen to music or watch videos without headphones, the iFit-2 satisfies as long as your expectations are reasonable.
However, there was one annoyance that I hope Divoom addresses in a future design of the IFIT line, that being an adjustable back. The fixed angle of the stand doesn't work for me. Instead, I have to work for it. To compensate for a greater angle, I had to place folded paper on the shelf backing to prop my iPhone's screen forward. Unfortunately, I can't do the same for a lesser angle as the bottom lip of the iFit-2's ledge does not extend outward. Instead, I have to position my eyes for the angle that Divoom has set in hard plastic. After futzing with it for a while, I finally got it to a reasonable viewing angle, but it's still not perfect in my eyes.
While the product lists for nearly sixty dollars, online commerce sites like Amazon are selling the product for less than half the price listed on Divoom's website. At that cost, it is a much more reasonably priced product compared to paying for it at full retail. Based on that adjusted retailer price, the iFit-2 is a decent bargain.
Product: iFit-2
Manufacturer: DiVoom
Price: $59.99
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
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