Case Logic iPad Attaché Review


As I continue to convert my computing lifestyle into the Post PC era, I find myself still weighed down by power bricks, cables and keyboards. Fortunately the designers at Case Logic have developed the perfect solution for my needs. Read on to learn why Case Logic's iPad Attaché rules!
I have used and reviewed a number of iPad cases, some of which are excellent at what they have to offer. However, as the number of hardware accessories and power attachments for the iPad expand, so too are the needs to carry these in a tech satchel. Since my iPad has been taking over more and more of my laptop needs (only a few more specialized apps, a higher resolution display and true multi-tasking are all that keep me from leaving my laptop behind for good), so too have the number of accessories I carry. Based on what Case Logic's iPad Attaché has to offer, their designers have the same needs.
First up, the sleeve that the iPad perfectly slides into is lined with soft, scratch-free cloth and padded like a pillow. +1. Next, inside the main compartment is a netted sleeve that perfectly fits a Bluetooth keyboard like Apple's wireless keyboard or those made by Logitech. +1. There are also two other smaller, separate netted sleeves that hold styli, business cards, power bricks and cables, adapters, iPhones and more. +1. And yet, even with the bag fully loaded, it still feels lighter and less bulky than a lightweight laptop bag. It's more likely carrying a slim projector bag than one holding a tablet with maxed out accessories. 
Case Logic iPad Attaché
The case comes in either black or brown and has an extra sleeve on top of the iPad sleeve to hold 8x10 papers, magazines, manuals and other old fashioned print-based materials. 
Finally, the price for the case is stunningly inexpensive considering the quality of construction and the number of features contained therein. In fact, Case Logic's iPad Attaché is less expensive than most single sleeve iPad cases. I don't know how Case Logic was able to make and sell these cases so inexpensively, but the price point is hard to criticize.
Overall, I am thoroughly impressed by this well designed iPad case and anyone who has or is thinking about making the switch to using the iPad as their primary computing device should defintely take a closer at what Case Logic has to offer.
By the way, Case Logic is currently running a giveaway promotion on Facebook for an iPad 2 and related Case Logic gear to surround it. Visit for more details.
Manufacturer: Case Logic
Price: $29.99
Rating: 5/5 stars
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