Callet iPhone Case Review

If you're an iPhone user, you already know the convenience of combining functionality into a single package. The iPhone is a phone, a music and video player, a computer and a camera all rolled into one. So for those who prefer multi-functional design in a single, small package, the Callet case combines a protective rubberized slip case with two slots on the back to house credit and identification cards, cash, bus passes and more. Is this enough of a differentiator for the Callet compared to the catalog of other iPhone case options? Read on to find out.

The Callet conveniently combines two thin billfold card slots molded to the back of a standard-issue iPhone rubber bumper case. Because the whole case is rubber, the card slots can expand to accommodate a few credit and identification cards, and one or two folded paper bills. And because the case is fully rubberized, the cards stay securely in place. I tested this by populating the slots with two credit cards, a bus pass, my drivers license and a folded twenty dollar bill. Even vigorously shaking would not dislodge the contents from the case.


Even fully loaded, the thickness of the Callet doesn't add that much bulk to the overall iPhone. It was also comforting to know that could keep everything I needed in my pocket and not have to worry about cards and money sloshing about and possibly falling out. Of course, I'm used to traveling light. For those who need a case to hold more than just the phone, a credit card or two, a license and one or two folded bills, the Callet may be too limited in what it offers.

The one major concern I have about this type of design is placing your physical and virtual identity into a single package. If I lose my Callet-wrapped phone, I could also potentially lose my drivers license and credit card at the same time. Talk about the possibility of an identity theft nightmare!

Beyond the hook of the two rear rubber card slots, there's nothing particularly remarkable about the Callet. But for those who prefer to travel with as little bulk as possible and are comfortable with combining their key aspects of their physical and virtual identity into a single convenient bundle, the Callet may be worthy of further consideration.

Product: Callet
Price: $19.99
Rating: 3/5 stars

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