Ballistic Tough Jacket iPad Case Review


As more and more people elevate the iPad to their primary digital communication platform for work and play, the number of choices for the right iPad case for the right situation continues to expand. Ballistic made a name for themselves in the iPhone world with their hard shell case accessories, and they have poured that experience into their recently released Tough Jacket for iPad and iPad 2 devices.  Read on to find out how it handles the responsibility of protecting your iPad from a nasty fall.
While not the most aesthetically appealing case on the market, the rugged design choice more than makes up for its lack of esquisite looks by shielding your iPad against the most unexpected and potentially damaging shocks and drops. It does this via a unique protective approach that encases your expensive iPad in an enclosure that shields the iPad from nasty tumbles.
Ballistic Tough Jacket
Unlike some of the other durable cases for the iPad, the Ballistic Tough Jacket features three layers of protection: an inner silicone shock absorbent layer, an impact resistant hard plastic layer and a third polymer one to protect the front, back and sides of the encased iPad extremely well. There are also extra thick rubber corners ready to take the punishment of a straight-on corner strike. Nice.
When the iPad is in use, the removed front cover acts as a kickstand to keep the iPad at an adequate landscape-oriented viewing angle. And even when the front case is not covering the front glass of the iPad, there is still enough rear cover padding surrounding the iPad to keep things well enclosed and nicely protected. The case does bulk up the iPad quite a bit, but the added insurance of protecting your expensive centerpiece of your digital lifestyle is worth it, especially if the iPad has a tendency of slipping off hands and tables.
Overall, the Ballistic Tough Jacket iPad case, available in either red or black, does an admirable job of safely covering your iPad at a cost more competitive than alternative shock absorbent cases.  If you need this kind of protection for your iPad, Ballistic is as attractive a case you'll find that still protects all sides of the iPad with its reassuring enclosure design.
Manufacturer: Ballistic
Cost: $69
Rating: 4/5 stars
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