Special Force Gun Battle: Blows Away Other Puzzlers



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In recent years, there has been a sharp upsurge in the popularity and production of first-person shooters, and in many cases realism is has been a key selling point.  The use of real gun models in games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield has sparked the interest of many gamers, and with Mobicle’s new game for the iOS platform titles Special Force Fun Battle, video-game gun enthusiasts have the opportunity to play with a number of their favorite weapons while also testing their reflexes and getting their veins pumping.

The gameplay of Special Force Gun Battle incorporates the adrenaline-rush of first-person shooters into a totally original puzzle game that will keep gamers occupied for a surprisingly long time.  The game is pretty straightforward: players must assemble various guns at breakneck speeds in order to accumulate points and unlock new guns.  The small window of time available to assemble each gun requires a keen mind and fast reflexes. 




The starting gun selection is rather limited, with only a handful of pistols and a couple of rifles available, but as players complete the various challenges they can begin unlocking more guns, for a total of 24 weapons available overall.  Hardcore fans of FPS guns will be happy to see a number of special weapons available, and those who want to play with their friends can take advantage of the game’s online multiplayer mode.



The simple controls of Special Force Gun Battle make it a perfect option for any level of gamer, and the ease of control is certainly necessary in a game where precision is so important.  Players simply touch and drag in order to position the various gun parts in their proper location and orientation. 



Although the game’s title may lead some to believe that it is an FPS, Special Force Gun Battle is still a quality game that can provide hours of fun for puzzle and FPS enthusiasts alike.  The sharp graphics, addictive gameplay, and hardcore soundtrack make this game a great addition to any app library, and for only $0.99 at the app store and also a free lite version as well so there’s little reason not to give the game a try.

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