Sneak Preview: Samurai Girl – Gaming Giant CJ E&M Calls for Beta Testers

Calling all beta-testers! CJ E&M, the gaming behemoth behind Netmarble is preparing to launch Samurai Girl for iOS. In line with the company’s usual attention to detail and its end-user focused philosophy, CJ E&M is calling for beta-testers for this epic new game experience.

Samurai Girl is an RPG classic waiting to happen. Beautifully designed by a company that knows gaming – gaming portal Netmarble boasts 25 million members – Samurai Girl combines classic elements of role-playing games with fresh graphics and a variety of tempting treats for RPG gamers. Samurai Girl’s universe is one of mystery, revenge, and of course, honor. Conquer four worlds, fifty quests, and fifteen bosses using a formidable arsenal of swordsmanship skills, magic, and hundreds of items – and Samurai Girl Hikaru’s pet Phoenix – in your quest to protect Sakura the Divine Sword from the nefarious Delta-M and avenge the death of Hikaru’s father.

In order to be considered as a beta-tester for Samurai Girl, please email Peter Song with the following information and mention this press release:

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1. Name
2. Location
4. Device Type and OS
5. Why you would be an excellent beta-tester

Twenty lucky applicants will be chosen as beta-testers, and will receive in return for their conscientious efforts a $10.00 iTunes gift card and full rights to use previewing material for their own reviews and blogs. Approved beta-testers will be experienced iPhone users and have knowledge of and experience with RPG games.



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