Secret of Chateau de Moreau Review - The Best Mystery Thriller for iOS to Grace the Appstore


4:33 Creative Labs look like they have a winner on their hands with the launch of Secret of Chateau de Moreau.  The new game is an adventure/mystery title that utilizes story telling and puzzle solving to suck players in and plot twists and alternate endings to keep them hooked. 

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The par for the course murder mystery backstory is just the foundation for a game that has some serious design and development muscle behind it.  As Antoine Moreau, gamers enter a world of intrigue, plots, schemes, and puzzles that present some mind-bending challenges.  All of this fun is presented in an artistically pleasing animated environment enhanced with beautifully hand drawn stills.  Secret of Chateau de Moreau is just saturated in style, and thankfully the game isn’t all fluff.  In their quest to clear Antoine’s name in the murder of Count Moreau, players will explore a story that develops in response to their own choices and actions.  Each interaction has the potential to affect the outcome of the game, because there are 40+ different potential endings.  There’s a lot more to this game than just “find the key to unlock the door.”  It’s more like stepping into a graphic novel as a fully functioning character that shapes the outcome. 




Of course, there will be keys to find and locks to outwit—there are over 100 puzzles to solve in Secret of Chateau de Moreau.  Either the devs behind this game were seriously multitalented or Secret of Chateau de Moreau had a large staff, because the game’s puzzles are as well developed and designed, and as creative, as its storytelling and graphics.  Controls are simple, naturally—this is no combo-based fighting game—and the menus are well designed to work within the overall presentation of the game. 



Secret of Chateau de Moreau is a game with substance.  Because of the attention to detail in every aspect, gamers with usually divergent tastes will agree this game is more than worthwhile.  And unlike some quality app store offerings in this line, Secret of Chateau de Moreau also gives plenty of content plus unmatched replay potential.  The alternate endings are sophisticated and give the opportunity for plot twists that keep this game from becoming predictable.


The game’s graphics are beautiful.  It’s clear that professional work went into the visual design of Secret of Chateau de Moreau.  It’s impressive to see this level of character design and artistry in a game that isn’t a spin-off of a larger franchise.  In fact, it’s easy to see Secret of Chateau de Moreau being the starting point for a franchise of its own.  The professional polish of the game’s appearance and it’s period style are backed by charm and creativity making Secret of Chateau de Moreau one of the best looking games in the App Store.



It looks good, and it plays great—Secret of Chateau de Moreau is also priced right at $4.99 (Link) (Lite Version). Check it out in iTunes today.



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