Round ‘em Up and Ride Out: Bloody Western for iOS

Bloody Western: the title says it all.  This social network games-inspired RPG is a great games with friends option for those who like their gaming and socializing to intersect.  A ton of content and a truly impressive adherence to theme make Bloody Western one of the best games for guys I’ve played on iOS this year.

There are two kinds of men that pack heat in the Old West: Outlaws and Sheriffs.  You’ll have your choice of which side of the law you wish to play.  Then, you’ll choose your goal: money, justice, or fame as a gunslinger.  Once you’ve created your character, it’s time to quest, do business (or gain from other’s businesses), gamble, and basically live it up like a cowboy.

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Serious games for casual gamers are few and far between on iOS, with a ridiculous proliferation of adorable candy-colored cartoon cuties hopping around.  If you’re ready for something fresh, Bloody Western is here to help.  Darkly illustrated with a decidedly violent outlook on life, this game is for the player who gets satisfaction from developing a character with an RPG style of gaming.  The majority of the game is menu driven, with everything accessible within a tap or two from the main screen.  There are interactive modes of play as well, most notably the dueling section.  And isn’t one of the best things about social games the ability to build your rep by stomping fellow players? Yep, I thought so.

And dueling in Bloody Western is exceptional.  Online simulation games of this type too often toss action totally out of the window, allowing PvP gameplay to be determined entirely by stats and chance.  But Bloody Western takes a different tack.  With the ability to enhance your chance of scoring critical hits by tapping shots as they’re highlighted, it brings the showdown aspect of the Old West home for players who demand an engaging game to play. 

The game’s ambience is another huge part of what makes it a shoe-in for success.  With hard-hitting illustrations and animations inspired by the darkest, grittiest, bloodiest Western films, Bloody Western is no wimp. 

And it’s free.  The gameplay relies on a points system, using a number of different types of points, and you can also use in-app purchases to speed up gameplay if you don’t want to wait for your points to refresh.  But it’s not necessary in order to enjoy the game. To get the most from Bloody Western, what you really need to do is focus on character development and building your posse.  It doesn’t cost anything to download, and it’s in iTunes right now, so what are you waiting for?  

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