Planner S, “Social Diary” Merges Friends and Functionality in a New Way


A social networking integrated calendar app?  That’s what AKAON seems to have launched in the App Store.  I was skeptical, but the more you play with Planner S, the more sense it makes. It’s own kind of quirky sense, to be sure, but sense.

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First off, is this a utility or a social network site? It’s both, 100%, and it’s such a complete fusion that you’ll wonder why no one made this before.  Granted, status updates serve a similar purpose on other sites, but Planner S has a unique level of personalization and style while staying concise that you won’t see anywhere else.  My initial thought was, “Why would I update here to share it to Facebook or Twitter?” It seemed redundant… until I was seduced by its sticker-book magic and surprising practicality.

Each menu offers a plethora of features and options, yet the interface remains very smooth and intuitive.  From scheduling tasks and setting reminders, you can easily transition to recording your thoughts or feelings on the subject.  From there, you can keep them to yourself, or broadcast them via Facebook and/or Twitter, or email them.  Head to the shop for more custom skins or virtual sticker packs (there’s free selection as well as paid), or browse other users’ public Planner S entries.  See something interesting? You can comment from within the app, or simply send encouragement by tapping the heart icon.


Plan a romantic anniversary date and want to send a special invitation to your special someone? Do it all at once, and send them a private link by email to your sweetly decorated calendar entry.  Attach a photo and enhance it with stickers, and use a romantic skin as stationary.  Just had a thought about a funny memory with your friends that you don’t want to forget? Record it for yourself, and post it to your Facebook Wall or Tweet it, complete with some sticker character antics.  Each entry presents a prettily composed memo, which you can customize right down to the font and tag with a mood watermark in the background.  There’s no way I could list the features they’ve crammed into this app in a review of reasonable length, but somehow they stuff them all onto a post-it sized entry and it’s still pretty? That should give you an idea of how nicely this app is designed.


Once I got a feel for how much you could do with the entries, I thought that it might be, well, too much.  But elegant design sense has given Planner S the ability to let you personalize while staying incredibly stylish.  When checking out the feeds of Planner S entries from other users, I was really impressed with the individuality and creativity they exude. 

Planner S is combines a large variety of features and options within one app, and seems to hope to find its own social networking niche in doing so.  Whether or not they’ll succeed only time will tell… what I can say with confidence is that this is a well-built application with a lot to offer as a personal planner alone.

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