PicsPlayPro: Perfecting Mobile Photo Correction

Jellybus, Inc. recently launched PicsPlayPro, and the popularity of this feature-filled photo-editing app for iOS devices has exploded. The reason for its fans fervor is a truly impressive list of photo-correcting features. It’s no exaggeration to say that PicsPlayPro outperforms many desktop PC photo editing programs in terms of feature set. 


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Mobile photo-editing apps have a few user interface challenges they must overcome. The first is organizing functions in such a way that users can easily find and utilize them. PicsPlayPro does a fairly good job of this. There are a number of icons along the bottom of the screen, each representing a category of tools. It took a little trial and error to figure out which tools were where, but the pop-up menus were quick and simple to scan. Another interface challenge which is vitally important for mobile photo-correction apps to overcome is effective use of screen space. Obviously, the photo should get priority, but balancing a minimalistic user interface against the need to access and use tools in an intuitive, responsive manner isn’t always easy. PicsPlayPro excels at this. 

One of the biggest pros for fans of the app is its impressive collection of filters (over two hundred), and the fact that these filters can be opacity adjusted and layered. This allows for almost infinite variations, and it is a great cure for the boring filter blues. So for those who are getting sick of seeing the same three or four popular Instagram filters, PicsPlayPro is a treat. Another advantage PicsPlayPro has over its competitors is the number and precision of its color, brightness, and contrast functions. These include tools for adjusting hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, white balance, curves, and more. Arguably, this is even more useful than the amazing variety of filters available. But PicsPlayPro doesn’t stop there. Textures, vignettes, and borders do even more to enhance your image. And if you want to add further decoration in the form of stamps and text, a plethora of tools await you. 


Forty different fonts, plenty of color choices, and all of the stamps one could wish for are included. There’s also a pretty robust paintbrush tool. I couldn’t find a red-eye correction tool, however, which is unfortunate. When taking a lot of photos with friends on the fly, that’s a must-have. However, given everything else PicsPlayPro can do, it’s not a deal breaker—it just means you might keep another editing tool on hand just for that. The filter selection, layering, and opacity, combined with the vast number of precision correction and adjustment features, as well as the ability to work on your photo at large sizes, means PicsPlayPro will most definitely appeal to those who have a specific vision in mind for their edited photo. The decorative extras make it just as viable for creating a spur-of-the-moment cute or funny mms

And while it’s not necessarily reflective of the app’s functionality (king when it comes to this sort of utility), PicsPlayPro also looks good. The icons which represent tool categories are sleek, minimalistic white-on-black outlines. Each tool within the category is represented by a similar labeled icon in the menu which pops up when you tap the category. The overall feel is very polished and professional. 

PicsPlayPro is one of the best mobile apps for editing photos available for iOS powered devices.  For those who feel a missing feature or two is a big problem, know this: the PicsPlayPro team plans frequent updates based on community feedback. PicsPlayPro is available  in the iTunes App Store for $3.99. There is also a free version of this app called PicsPlay - Photo Editor.

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