MemoZy—Reinventing Organization, One Touch at a Time

MemoZy (free) is a new app from DesignPlusD, Inc. that seeks to improve the way users utilize their mobile devices to organize their lives. Since the Palm Pilot Stone Ages, digital planners have held an obvious appeal for those with hectic schedules, complex projects, or a simple desire to tidy up their plans. Their disadvantages have often fallen into one of two categories: inflexible or overly complex. MemoZy seeks to offer users all of the functionality they expect and more, while avoiding the hassle of infinitely nested menus.


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After all, when any organizational app fails, it’s typically because the user simply isn’t using it. Having the right features is a necessity, but if the user ends up writing on a sticky note instead because they don’t feel like "dealing with" the app, the app has failed. MemoZy’s unique user interface is the key to its strategy to combat organizational app fatigue. While billed as elegant and intuitive, learning the MemoZy interface really does require watching the tutorial as well as a bit of practice and some trial and error. This gesture-based UI does, however, get rid of the ridiculously complex menus many planning apps are overloaded with.

The MemoZy UI is what will make or break the app in terms of popularity. On the one hand, it’s innovative, unique, and effective.  On the other hand, it’s so innovative and unique that it’s going to come across as utterly unfamiliar to many users the first time they open the app. However, this reviewer believes the UI to be, over all, a strength. It may be slightly ahead of its time, but it’s going in the right direction. Touchscreen UIs are constantly evolving and getting streamlined, and MemoZy is simply an example of that evolution. Also, once the learning curve is conquered, MemoZy is extremely fast, efficient, and fun to use. At that point, it outshines the competition. MemoZy (and undoubtedly its future imitators) will be welcomed as a replacement for other apps of its type so long as users are willing to learn the UI. Aside from the actual mechanics of adding categories, items to lists, bullet points, and so forth, there’s something else MemoZy’s UI excels at: aesthetics. 


Categories for memos are created on the main page and can be accessed by touching a large color block representing a particular category. Memozy automatically adjusts the size and placement of each block in response to the categories created by the user, and offers ten different color palettes to choose from. These color palettes ensure two things: First, that there’s enough contrast between category blocks to access them at a glance, and second, that the app itself always looks appealing. Users can also move the categories around the screen, if they prefer to prioritize them in a certain order. Nearly everything in Memozy is done similarly, using a variety of swipe styles to indicate bullet points, strike throughs, headings, and more. 

In addition to a selection of color palettes, users can also choose from a variety of textures to customize their Memozy experience.  The minimalistic design is crisp, professional, and surprisingly soothing. Combined with the gesture-based UI, the look and feel of Memozy actually makes note-taking rather enjoyable.  If other users feel the same way, it will be pivotal in Memozy's success because it solves the “planners only keep you organized if you use them” issue. 

In addition to its internal features,Memozy also offers support for sharing to Evernote. Users can also print and email directly from the app. Memozy is compatible with most iOS touchscreen devices using iOS 6 or later, including iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch.

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