Korean Giant, Actoz Soft, releases In a Space in Canada

Canada seems to be the test bed for big developers. As you all know, Supercell launched Boom Beach in Canada and now South Korean gaming giant, Actoz Soft, has also followed suit with In a Space.

In a Space Screenshot  In a Space Screenshot

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In A Space is a new fun shooting game that uniquely utilizes the iPhone's location services. This location-based (LBS) game detects the location of the user so that this area can become the starting point of the player’s game. Gameplay is fairly straight forward, with players easily targeting enemies using the controls on the left while simultaneously dodging enemy fire. 

The goal of each stage is to destroy the castle and the owner, who have come to earth from another universe. Player's must first clear the area of enemy robots while shooting at and eventually destroying the castle when they have time. Once they destroy the castle, the boss appears for an old-fashioned shoot 'em up slugfest. Quests give the opportunity for players to receive points and upgraded weapons. Finally a unique feature is this game allows players to create and join "Clans." Joining clans will allow you to combine your powers and eventually defeat stronger bosses as you progress in the game. 

In a Space offers exciting 3D graphics and high-production gaming for a thrilling and fun gaming experience. It is currently available for the Canadian market through the iTunes App Store for free.

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