Keri Racing: Pet Raising, Real-Time Racing and Social Gameplay all in one



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Keri Racing, a new genre-fusion SNG, aims to please just about every SNG fan out there with their mash-up of farming, tycoon-business-building, pet raising, and action racing.

The idea behind Keri Racing seems to be to leverage the addictive nature of these types of games while providing enough varied activities to combat the inevitable burnout.  Players start out by establishing their farms and businesses to rake in cash and grow crops to feed keris.  Keris, the animal the game is named for, are tall, long-legged birds that are a bit like multicolored ostriches.  Acquiring keri nests and raising the keris accounts for the pet-raising gameplay; once they’re mature, riding them in races adds the game’s action aspect.

Staying in line with previous social network games, Keri Racing keeps the control system simple.  Aside from using special abilities during racing (where success is more or less determined by keri stats anyhow), players will mostly be navigating the game through menus and icons. 

The game’s stand-out feature is the fact that there’s so much more to Keri Racing than meets the eye initially.  Keri Racing doesn’t just integrate several different social network game themes, it provides flexibility within them as well.  For example, there are three different racing modes for players to indulge in, including racing against friends in real time, racing NPCs, or competing against friends for Best in Show.  12 different types of crops with different attributes and harvest times provide those that adore agriculture with plenty to keep them occupied.  And 16 different types of upgradeable buildings maximize appeal for those who have more corporate ambitious. If piling up points and stats isn’t enough, there are quests handed out by NPCs, and Keri Racing is also scattered with minigames. There’s a lot of room for continued play and growth in the game, due in part to its distinctly non-linear set up.  As players progress, there are more options available, including the ability to keep multiple keris in keri stables, and the ability to buy items in the shop that alter the appearance and stats of the player’s keris. The social network aspect is handled smoothly, with Facebook and Twitter integration, as well as the ability to seek out fellow Keri Racing fans with email and the user’s contact list.

Keri Racing is packed with content, but not to the detriment of the game’s other aspects. It’s intuitive to get around, timing and costs are well-balanced, and it’s aesthetically pleasing. Great animation, colorful character design, and positive attitude permeate Keri Racing, making it one of the most enjoyable social network games I’ve played to date.  Races are nicely designed, with a variety of environments and whimsical obstacles for players’ keris to overcome.

If there’s any one aspect of social network gaming you enjoy, Keri Racing has you covered. Interested? It’s in the iTunes App Store now, and it’s free to download.  

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