iPhone Game Review: Stinger Foosball League

Stinger Games’ newly launched Stinger Foosball League takes a game that’s already a step removed from reality into a truly virtual environment.  Foosball, of course, is the table version of football or soccer.  With Stinger Foosball League, the field that was crammed into a table in a pub is now in your iOS device.

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The premise sounds okay, but the execution is way cooler than it sounds.  That’s because Stinger Foosball League is actually, well, cooler than actual foosball.  First of all, the 3D graphics and game physics are right on, putting this game at the forefront of console-style graphics on iOS.  Second of all, the view when playing real life foosball is… usually not that awesome. I’m sure there are people with foosball tables that are tricked out, but for most of us, they’re usually a dingy affair.  But Stinger Foosball League hasn’t been sitting in your uncle’s basement for the past forty years.  Kick-ass flying cameras show off how much action there really is in a game known for being low-tech. And just to make it even more trippy, the ball leaves behind a golden light tail, kind of a comet-effect.

The controls are set up beautifully, with a number of options designed to suit players of different levels.  The auto-kick method lets you play just by positioning players—they’ll automatically take a swipe at the ball when it’s near; tilt is another version of auto-kick that relies on tilting rather than touchscreen controls.  One touch lets you control kicking, and Dual touch lets you control two spinners at the same time.  There are also four difficulty settings, from Easy to Extreme, to further customize the game experience, and there are multiple modes of game play.  You choose your controls, your difficulty level, and from among the four mini-games, championship tournaments, or multiplayer modes. 

Not enough? This game lets you pick your teams from dozens of international teams, or even creat your own by using any flag or logo you want in your photo library.  Leaderboards, Game Center, and OpenFeint are available, too. You can even play split screen on an iPad.

Basically, not only is Stinger Foosball League (iTunes Link) one of the coolest sports apps on iTunes, it blows actual foosball out of the water.  And at $1.99 to get in the game, it’s priced to move. 

Game Trailer:



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