iPhone App Review: Sticker Worlds: An Adorable Game Likely To Stick Around

Sticker Worlds, a new iOS application from developer Snepo Research, is designed to gently amuse little ones and occupy small hands. 

Five imaginative worlds provide the backdrop for children to build creative landscapes using brightly colored two-dimensional digital “stickers.”  Hundreds of items and characters let creativity spread its wings. 


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Developed with younger players in mind, Sticker Worlds is based on simple drag-and-drop controls.  It also allows resizing of stickers to create more variety in the landscape and more realistic or fantastical combinations of characters and accessories.  Players can also zoom in to get their sticker placement just so, or to check out their creation in greater detail. 

Dessert World, the Wild West, Space, and Pirates worlds offer limitless design playgrounds.  There’s something to appeal to every child, from treasure chests to mountains of ice cream.  Favorite creations can be saved with a snapshot, and series of stickerscapes can be saved together as a storybook with pages that can be virtually turned. 



Easy controls make Sticker Worlds optimal for children, but it is the game’s understanding of child’s-play that makes it such a brilliant form of entertainment.  The rainbow of bright colors and the crisp representation of an astonishing variety of characters are visually appealing.  The number of characters and items prevent boredom, while the simple pleasure of arranging the “stickers” promotes concentration, focus, and quiet play rather than over-stimulation.    Between the game’s beautiful, simple graphics and its sensitive control system, there are few games better suited to children. 




Anyone who finds themselves entertaining kids will appreciate having this instantly absorbing game on their iOS device.  Sticker Worlds is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad; it requires iOS 3.0 or later.  It’s currently available in the App Store for only $0.99.

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