iPhone App Review: Scrublist Simplifies Your Lists (and Your Life!)

If you can’t keep track of a grocery list on a scrap of paper, or a to-do list with too many options on your iPhone, Scrublist from p13development might just be the answer to your prayers.

                Clever, convenient, quirky:  Scrublist is a whole new take on list management via smartphone. First, you make a list… on paper.  You’re probably already doing that because dealing with a to-do or shopping list manager on your iPhone usually gives you a headache. Then, put down that pencil and pick up the phone and photograph the list you just wrote.  In Scrublist, your list photo becomes your list within the app no tedious typing required.


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                Of course, your Scrublist features a few improvements over the napkin you usually scribble lists on.  The touchscreen might be a pain to type long lists on, but it’s a lot more convenient than finding a pen to cross stuff off as you go: just swipe through list items as you go.  Not only that, if it’s a list you want to save and reuse, Scrublist makes clearing your strikeouts simple so you can start over.



                It’s a smart little app that does exactly what it sets out to do: Scrublist accomplishes the task of helping you accomplish your tasks pleasantly and efficiently.  Lists can be added directly to the app or from the gallery, and you can save lists to use again and again. 

                You probably paid more for the last pen you lost in the cereal aisle; at $0.99, you can’t afford to pass Scrublist up! [iTunes Link]


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