iPhone App Review: Ninja Flier Pro—Fast-Paced Ninja Fun

Ninja Flier Pro hails from FunVidApps, and it promises ninja-paced fun in a tunnel racing title to take your breath away.

It’s not a concept that will take long to become familiar with.  If you’ve played any other tunnel racers, you know what to expect: your character, in this case a slickly animated ninja, rushes headlong down an enclosed passage, dodging obstacles and collecting stuff.  In Ninja Flier Pro, “stuff” is glowing green canisters, which you then cash in later for goodies.  These goodies come mainly in the form of superpowers, which you’ll use against the bad guys cramping your ninja-flying style.  The bad guys are aliens, so you’ll need all the supercharged ninja-fu you can muster. 

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Ninja Flier Pro is super simple one touch gaming, with the added benefit of being able to steer your ninja by tilting the phone. 

It might not be the most innovative game on the market, but Ninja Flier Pro is a solid title with a lot going for it, starting with its slick comic book style.  It’s a darkly animated game, with graphics simplified to a largely black-on-black scheme which lends itself well to the shadowy world of ninjas.  This effect is slightly interrupted by the fact that your ninja insists on wearing a bright yellow cape and headband—probably just so you can see him as you steer.  Another big plus is the amount of content; with 45 levels, you’re not going to get bored with this increasingly difficult game anytime soon.  The levels are divided into worlds, including Basic Training, Blood Lesson, Slice Damage, Bomb Fatigue, and Nuke Flight, to keep it fresh as you go along.  Between the sheer number of levels and the bonuses, Ninja Flier Pro is a lot to sink your teeth into.  Add in Game Center integration, and it’s pretty much impossible to put this entertaining little number down once you start.  There are some in-app purchases possible if you just can’t wait to amp up your avatar and kick some alien butt, too. 

The graphics are slick, with an edgy feel that might bring to mind Sin City for some, but Ninja Flier Pro oozes attitude all its own.  The game has style, hours of play, and a simple, addictive appeal that makes this one a winner.

Especially considering the price. Ninja Flier Pro is yours for a cool $0.99.


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