iOS Multi Functional Magic: All in One Tool Awesome Calendar


Whether your schedule is a nightmare because of work, school, kids’ activities, additional obligations, or (heaven help you) all of the above, Yunasoft’snew App Store offering Awesome Calendar offers its help. 

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Savvy smartphone users know their devices are capable of doing plenty to organize their complicated lives, but finding an app that actually realizes that potential is another matter.  Awesome Calendar is an all-in-one tool that harnesses your device’s abilities to create a time management masterpiece of functionality.


Take every feature you can imagine smoothing out the bumps in your schedule, and then imagine actually using all of them.  It’s that second part that will guarantee a growing Awesome Calendar clique.  Because how many apps have sounded fantastic in the description, even impressed you when you checked out what they could do, and then moldered, untouched, on your iPhone screen? All because the UI fell short of making that functionality available to you in a way that harmonized with how you really live your life.  It’s clear that Awesome Calendar’s devs didn’t overlook this phenomenon, because the app’s user interface is beautifully clear, crisp, and intuitive without being cluttered.

Great UI design doesn’t mean much without a feature set for it to show off, but Awesome Calendar has no worries in that department.  Keep an online calendar so you can easily access your schedule from your laptop as well? If you’re taking advantage of Google Calendar’s flexibility and accessibility on your monitor, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Awesome Calendar syncs with it effortlessly (make sure to sync it with your iCalendar to make this happen).  And while a calendar is the lynchpin in a busy life, we all know there’s more going on than mere times and dates.  Awesome Calendar’s trifold functionality (calendar, notepad, and to-do list) ensures that users keep track of every detail without stress.  It also makes sharing those details simple with integrated share functions, letting users keep their pals up to date on their school schedule, sharing project deadlines with co-workers, and so much more from right inside the app. Toss in a password lock option for the conscientious, an in-app weather forecast, 35 countries’ holiday calendars to choose from, cute and useful digital “stickers” to use on the calendar view, and multi-calendar integration, and Awesome Calendar does an amazing job of helping you sync your life.


It doesn’t hurt to be easy on the eyes, either.  Awesome Calendar packs plenty of punch in its feature set, and it smooths the way for a streamlined schedule by being pretty, too.  A light touch keeps the most convoluted schedule looking serene and understandable, and unobtrusive whimsy (like the progressing seasonal calendar headers) brings a smile to users faces.

We’ve come a long way from trying to impress our colleagues with pricey leather bound planners that create more messes than they clean up.  Awesome Calendar looks great, works great, and simplifies your life for only $2.99 in the iTunes App Store.

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