InFrame Foto: Powerful Functionality, Simple Interface, Instant Art and its Free!

It takes a great development team to put the power of iOS to work doing something useful in a third party app.  It takes a really great dev team to create something that’s not only useful, but produces superior results.  Apparently, InFrame Foto has a really, really great dev team.

InFrame Foto is a photo editing app that shines most when it comes to creating your own personal photo collages.  Rather than being an overall photo editor, InFrame Foto focuses on being the best of the best at giving you options to create great mash-ups of your pics. 

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Here’s how it works: Launch the app, then decide how many pics you want in your collage and how you want them to be sized and placed.  You can either build your own template, which is super easy, or choose one of the preset templates available.  Building your own is really where the fun’s at though, because there’s so much you can do with it. Basically, you’re presented with a grid. You outline where you want to place a pic, tap the “Make” icon (there’s a helpful step by step at the top of the screen to walk you through, too), then repeat that process till you’ve completed the layout.  Then you select the photos you want to include, create a background (from an image, using a solid color, or both), add borders, and voila! A very polished photo collage result.

And of course what good would that do if you couldn’t share it around? You can send the pic to email, Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter; you can also copy the pic or save it to your photo album.  One of the nicest features is the ability to pick high, medium, or low resolution depending on your needs.  No need to send an enormous photo to Twitter, or to save it and edit the size in another program.  When you’re making your collage, you’ll be surprised at how powerful this very simple, easy-to-use app really is.  It’s so fast, but you can do so much. For example, you can create a solid color background, overlay a photo background, then adjust the transparency of the background photo so that it’s tinted.  You can overlap pics, and adjust border transparency.  And all of it is a breeze, thanks to the beautifully designed user-interface.

The results, especially the high resolution results, are perfect.  Not much, if anything, gets lost in translation.  InFrame Foto gives you the fastest, most streamlined utility possible to create photo collages and collections to save and share with friends.

And? It’s only $0.99!

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