iGLASSES: Simple, Funny, Free


iGLASSES, a free app recently launched by Green Cloud, offers iOS users that fancy themselves comedians a quick, fun way to transform their photos into something funny.

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There’s no real way to make the app sound more complex than it is.  You use iGLASSES to add virtual eyeglasses to the subjects of your pictures.  There’s a huge variety of glasses to choose from, and all of them are good for a giggle.  They range from goofy sunnies to absolutely bizarre eggs sunnyside up, from shutter shades to geeky plastic frames, and everything in between. 



The app gives you two options for sourcing the photo with the subject to be iGLASS’ed.  The user can opt to pull a pic from his or her device gallery, or take a photo from within the app.  If your subject is at hand, taking the pic within the app is quite handy, thanks to the transparent glasses overlay featured in the picture preview pane.  The user can line this generic overlay up, perfecting the placement of the eyewear to come, while taking the photo.  If using a photo from the gallery, never fear—regardless of which method you use, iGLASSES allows you to finesse the placement, size, and angle of the eyewear to achieve a perfect fit.  The editing options are surprisingly full featured.  By dragging the corners of the box present around the glasses, the user can easily enlarge them to fit a full-face portrait, or shrink them to fit the face of a subject that appears smaller in the photo.  The ability to adjust the angle of the glasses so precisely makes it possible to use just about any photo without editing it in another app first.  From there, it’s easy to save and share the final results.



And of course, that’s where the fun comes in.  Facebook and Twitter integration make it inexplicably tempting to spam social networks with improbably accessorized friends and family.  If you prefer to keep it an inside joke (or you feel you’ve posted quite enough iGLASSES pics on Facebook for the day, but just can’t resist making more), they’re easy to email as well.  The pics are first saved within the app’s gallery, which allows for future editing.  No reason you shouldn’t try out all 100 pairs of ridiculous eyewear on your bestie, after all.  But the user can also save the iGLASSES gallery pics to their device album, which expands their potential for future use (or abuse) tremendously. This feature also makes it possible to add glasses to multiple subjects in the same photo—and if one person wearing cartoon glasses is funny, how hilarious is a dozen people wearing them?!

Okay, iGLASSES is probably not going to make your life more efficient, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun—and it’s free (iTunes Link).  One day, you will want to put cartoon angry eyes in nerdy glasses on the picture of someone who deserves it, and now you know how you’ll do it. 


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