HUDY Pro: Sleek, Simple Solution for Speed Demons


The HUDY Pro application by BroadCON can help transform any windshield into a vehicle command center using HUD – or “Heads-Up Display.” Your vehicle’s display can rival that of any luxury, top-of-the-line car’s with the swipe of a finger.

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HUDY Pro uses innovative technology to project a speedometer from your device directly onto your windshield. With minimal effort – you open the application, select “Dashboard,” change the settings, and then put the device on the vehicle’s dashboard – you have a wealth of information at a glance. Using the GPS capabilities already on the phone, HUDY Pro constantly determines and displays your speed and direction, as well as an easy-to-read clock. You may also choose to have the weather conditions displayed, which uses either 3G or wi-fi data. While all of this is included in the free download, you may also choose to purchase additional features, like Zero-100 and ECO Drive.



The display is sleek, minimal, and easy to read – the numbers and gauges are grey on a black background and well lit, and the free download comes with an orange backlight, which makes everything very clear without being distracting. You have the option to purchase other colors – purple was my particular choice (and matches my steering wheel cover as a bonus!), but a variety of other colors are availabl as well. I also really liked how inclusive the dashboard was. My car has a clock and a compass, but both are located near the roof of the car, and as someone who can get carried away with the gas pedal while belting out the latest Britney Spears hit, I’m also constantly looking down at my speedometer to check my speed. The HUDY Pro display allows me to monitor all three of these things while still staying focused on the road.

We’ve established that I was very excited about being able to change the color. Living in an urban area, I haven’t gotten as much use out of the Zero-100 feature, which measures the amount of time it takes your vehicle to reach a user-set speed from a dead stop. What I like about this feature is having the option to change the settings to suit my needs – so while I’m not going to get from 0 mph to 80 mph anytime soon, I have the capacity to test going  0-25, or 0-40. I’ve gotten much more use out of the ECO Drive feature, which identifies and records sudden increases in speed. It’s really made me more aware of how I was driving, and allows me to optimize my gas mileage.



Overall, this application has dramatically improved my driving experience. I’ve only had a couple of minor issues. The first being my fault – I’m not the best driver, and thought that carefully propping my phone up on my dashboard would be secure enough. This is not the case when you take turns at 25 miles an hour! It’s a good idea to make sure you have non-slip pads. The other minor issue is that the application only works when GPS is available, so the times when I was driving in the city – through tunnels and extremely tall buildings – I did lose connectivity a couple of times. But for the most part it’s been invaluable.

HUDY Pro is currently available in the iTunes App Store, and it’s free to download. While the additional features can certainly enhance the application – and your driving experience overall – they aren’t necessary for the principal function of the application. Just make sure you’re running iOS 4.2 or later!

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