G.O.D.:God of Defence--Deity-powered Defense Against the Undead


G. O. D.: God of Defence from MGame Mobile is a brand new tower defense title that offers a twist on the genre’s traditional game play.

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Castle defense comes in all flavors and themes, but most games follow an army vs. army set up.  Whether you’re fighting with stick figures, fantasy characters, or tanks, it’s a numbers game.  G. O. D.: God of Defence is unique in that the player is not commanding an army, but building up the powers of the citadel’s “god of defence,” instead.  This original game design lends G. O. D.: God of Defence a personality all its own but that's where the problems begin.

The player’s point of view is that of, well, a giant god that’s defending a castle.  The game’s controls are fairly simple yet very hard to get used to.  The player operates as the hand of the god, using fire, plasma, and ice skill attacks as well as special items but it takes too long to use these skills.  The approach to the castle is approximately two screen lengths; to view different areas, the player can simply tilt the device to the right or left for horizontal movements and vertical movements are handled by sliding but this was probably one of the worst things the developer ever could of done, it's very uncomfortable and ruins the game.   A target which blinks above the hand helps focus basic attacks, and appropriate indicators are used for items and special attacks, like placing mines.  The controls are well placed to give a good view of the combat, which is essential—the player might be a god, but at times the opposing forces have to be taken out individually.

G. O. D.: God of Defence melds castle defense with RPG-esque skill development.  This gives the gameplay a completely different feel than other games in the genre, because the player has all of his or her eggs in one basket, as it were.  The player must formulate an effective defense against a large range of varied enemies, by developing one individual (albeit powerful) defender but this is basically impossible as it's obvious that the developer is greedy and wants the player to buy the in-game items.  This might, initially, seem less complex than traditional castle defense, but it actually presents a fairly unique challenge, since the player is restricted to the skills and items with which he or she enters each stage, since the shop for upgrades and items isn’t available during gameplay. So players need to think out their strategies ahead of time.

The game is set in a dark fantasy environment, and the enemy soldiers (at least the ones I’ve seen so far) consist of skeleton warriors of different classes and abilities.  While there’s an enemy guide, it doesn’t preview the images for the classes the player has yet to face, though it does preview their stats and intriguing silhouettes. The menus are handled on the stage select screen; the player taps the tabs for inventory and skills to upgrade and equip for their next battle.  The audio is a pretty run of the mill death-march with appropriate combat sound effects. 

G. O. D.: (God of Defence) gives players a chance to experience tower defense in a new way, and it’s available for free (iTunes Link) in the App Store but I suggest staying away from it as there are much better games out there.

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