FreeAppDeals App is the Deal That Keeps Giving

Free App Deals from VIDI Capital Partners, LLC is an extention of the already wildly popular functionality.  The website has long been a top resource for iOS device users to find the best apps at the lowest prices, and this new application gives the site’s purpose another, even more convenient, avenue.

Free App Deals isn’t just about advertising the apps that are usually free.  It helps iPhone, iPod, and iPad users find paid applications that are temporarily free or offered at a discount.  It’s a great way to weed out the apps that just don’t cut it, and it’s also a extraordinary way for devs to promote their sales.  That’s because already has a stellar reputation among iOS users for giving them access to good deals on truly quality applications.

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With a slickly designed, simple and useful user interface, Free App Deals presents its information in a way that’s simple to navigate and unparalleled in ease.  The menu is a discreet bar across the bottom of the screen that gives users quick access to featured and discounted applications, past free app discounts and deals, and a newsfeed of articles they’ll be interested in perusing.

FreeAppDeals separates the wheat from the chaff in the App Store, and it does it with a frugal mindset.  Those who wait for sales on must-have apps can lay off checking iTunes constantly, resting assured in the knowledge that the deals will come to them.



The clean design of the app is a pleasure to use, and this is topped by the usefulness of its content.  Free App Deals is a one of a kind application, and despite their lack of real competition the devs have gone the extra mile to make this tool as attractive as it is useful.

And of course, Free App Deals isn’t going to break the bank.  The app is free in iTunes (iTunes Link), and it’s the gateway to aquiring your own library of top-notch applications.

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I have been using Apple products for over 10 years and absolutely love iOS apps. I try to keep up-to-date with the latest and hottest apps so please let me know if I missed anything!