Free iPhone Games to Kick Off your Summer!


Penny pinching is on everyone’s mind lately.  One way to save is to cut out entertainment—but why cut it out when you can have it for free?  For iPhone fans, App Store freebies are one ticket to having a good time without wearing out their wallets.  There are many quality games in the App Store that don’t cost a penny—like these!

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Love puzzles?  The App Store has a great selection of puzzle games, like Zentomino [iTunes Link].  This contemplative puzzler invites users to complete a puzzle shape using the pieces available.  It’s a great game for unwinding after a long day.  Challenging yet soothing, Zentomino is a perfect free option for puzzle lovers. 



If sports sound better than puzzles, Goal Battle[iTunes Link] is another fantastic iPhone free game option.  This fast-paced, focused, fun iPhone soccer app pits players against online opponents in the ultimate goal kick shootout.  No need to grind through a whole soccer tournament, or even a whole soccer match—Goal Battle cuts right to the chase.  Players perfect their goal kicking skills so that they can dominate their opponents in real time.  Smooth 3D graphics show off personalized player characters, and a selection of 80+ jerseys and other equipment make customizing characters even more fun.  Players can show off team colors or their own unique style, and boost their skills with specialized equipment.  An inset window lets them keep track of their opponents scoring while they play, making Goal Battle a head-to-head addictive competition.



Words for Friends Free [iTunes Link]  is a word-making game players can also play against online opponents. Players can invite friends to play along, choose to have a random online opponent assigned, or play in pass mode with someone else in person.  Words for Friends will remind players of the classic wooden tiles word-based board game. 



If the wife won’t deal with cigar smoke in the house, iPhone users can get their poker fix for free with Texas Poker for iPhone [iTunes Link].  This app lets players pick up a poker game anytime and anywhere.  With in-game chatting, chips through the daily lottery or available for in-app purchase, and the ability to invite friends to play along via Twitter, Facebook, and email, Texas Poker means it’s always poker night!


Retro games bring out the kid in all of us.  Old School Blocks [iTunes Link] invites players to master increasingly difficult levels by destroying a variety of block types with a bouncing ball.  Remember how hard it was to put down those old school games? Now you can pick one up anytime and anywhere you want—for free!

It doesn’t have to cost much to have fun, and the App Store more than has it covered.  From the addictive competitive thrill of Goal Battle to the meditative Zentomino, finding the perfect free game fit is easy with a quick App Store search.  iPhone users can have an entire free library of games—and the above games are a great way to start building one!

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