Easy Photo Editing with a Flick of a Finger: Touchlook HD

Are you bemoaning your enthusiastic but incredibly mediocre photography skills? Do you wish that there was a more accessible way for you to achieve artistic greatness? Are you looking for new and interesting ways to utilize the unique strengths and abilities of the iPad? All of these hopes and dreams can come to fruition with Colortive’s newest venture, Touchlook HD for iPad2.

Already available with great success for the iPhone and iPod Touch, Touchlook HD is now specifically adapted for the iPad, which has proven to be an even more perfect vehicle for its purpose - to give every user the opportunity to become a proficient, even brilliant, photo editor. Whether the goal is simple color or gradation fixes, or more complex results like vignette controls and creations, this app offers a number of tools and resources. Regardless of the user’s knowledge base or previous editing experience, they are able to intuitively adapt to the user-friendly layout.

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Using a trio of geometric shapes – circle, triangle, and rectangle – and clearly labeled resources, the user is able to adapt and change mid-tone, shadow, brightness, saturation, and highlights in addition to the possibilities of gradation and vignetting. Don’t like making adjustments, and going back and forth between the “working” image and the “old” image? No problem – this app offers a live-preview screen that shows your progress as you go.

The application capitalizes on the touch and swipe technology of the iPad. After the photos are loaded up, the only tools that the user needs are an index finger and a discerning eye. Every element of the app is adjustable on a touch-operated, sliding scale. It even offers a “sensitivity” setting, which allows the user to decide how precisely their movements affect the application.  That’s what I think is best about this app – the usability. The devs have really taken everything under consideration, and offered a clean, one-stop-shop place for photo editing for every kind of user.

The application itself is really straight forward. Controls are shown at the top and bottom of the screen, although the descriptors disappear once one of the tools is chosen. While this allows the focus to be entirely on the picture being edited, it was a little confusing at first to get back to the main menu. Additionally, while I liked the fact that the settings and changes are strictly experimental in nature, some people might find it a little off-putting to not have more numerical indicators within the tools.

With so many photo apps available, it can be overwhelming to try to find one that can not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Colortive’s Touchlook HD for iPad exceeded any expectation that I had, as well as several that I didn’t know were possible. It’s now available for purchase at the iTunes App Store for $.99.


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