Can the New SNG, Keri Racing, Please All of the People All of the Time?

Keri Racing casts a wide net, promising to fulfill your social network farming and tycoon gameplay dreams, pet-raising play, and even throws in action-packed racing modules that include real-time competition against friends and family. Can one mobile game deliver all of this gameplay goodness?

If any game can, Keri Racing is that game.  Players start out with a farm, progress to tycoon business building for dough, and then use their resources to raise Keris.  These fun-loving large birds love to race, and eat up the turf with their long, ostrich like legs.  Raising Keris consists of good care, training, and stats building in order to take over the track with these super-fast feathered friends.

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Not only does Keri Racing offer several different flavors of gameplay in farming, building, raising, and racing, there are three modes of racing to choose from. Race against NPC criminals in Wanted mode, or compete against family and friends in Exile mode for best-in-show. Players can even race in real-time in Terra mode! Interaction with Keri loving contacts doesn’t end there—lending a hand on others’ farms builds reputation and relationships, too. 

If there’s one thing Keri Racing offers plenty of, it’s content. If the main game’s many activities aren’t enough, take a time out and enjoy the included mini-games, too! There are also quests to complete, which players can pick up by conversing with non-player characters.

It wouldn’t be a social network game without plenty of ways to connect, and Keri Racing has fans covered with Facebook and Twitter integration. Players can reach out to family and friends in-app through their contact lists and email as well! And since Keri Racing is available for the iOS we will be looking out for it!



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