Bring Street Beats To Your iPhone With Finger Stomp!


 greySox, which brought the awesome drumset app Drum Meister to iPhone, has taken their music knowhow to the streets and back again to deliver Finger Stomp.

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Finger Stomp takes urban street music and makes it accessible via this music production app.  Create beats using everyday objects, from hand tools to car horns. You’ve got 22 different instruments to express your creativity.  Natural musicians will hop right into creating, recording, and replaying.  But if you need a little help getting started, like me, Finger Stomp has you covered with an awesome teaching/practice mode. 



The skill required from Finger Stomp lies in your own musical talent, since the controls are ultra intuitive.  You tap to bring out the sound from each instrument, and the app is designed to be optimally sensitive, so that you can draw out exactly the tone you’re looking for to refine your perfect rhythm.

What makes Finger Stomp great is that it’s a great app regardless of your initial skill.  It allows for some pretty serious music making and offers newbies like me the opportunity to learn using the practice mode.  I had to slow the tempo down quite a bit at first to get a feel for it, but Finger Stomp didn’t just let me make music—it taught me how.



The sounds, by the way, are perfectly authentic. A car horn is a car horn, a hand drill has a completely realistic whine, and they mesh into surprisingly awesome beats once you know what you’re doing.  And the graphics are edgy, smart, and have an urban feel.

And $0.99 is a great price for such a full featured, open ended application. As long as you have music in you, Finger Stomp will provide you with the tools to make it.

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