App Review: Stock Chartist for iPhone



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Every now and then an application comes along that really shows off the potential for iPhone to contribute significantly to users’ lives in a new way.  Stock Chartist looks like it just may be one of those applications.

It’s a stock market tracking app, but Stock Chartist does more than provide a scrolling marquee.  It’s customizable in every conceivable way, giving users the opportunity to keep a close eye on their stocks’ performance anytime, anywhere, any way they’d like to. 



For an application that delivers so much information that’s so in depth, Stock Chartist does an amazing job of being user-friendly and practical.  Users who experience its intuitive interface won’t know how they did without this financial app.  Perhaps the best example of this is the zoom feature.  While there are plenty of ways to take a look at charts expressing the performance of a stock, Stock Chartist lets users get up close and personal with the data, allowing them to zoom in and take a detailed look at the information that interests them most. 

The ability to deliver essential information in a way that is tailored to each users’ needs by the user him or herself is Stock Chartist’s best selling point. And Stock Chartist is fully-loaded with value-added features, like customizable parameters for technical indicators, the ability to save and track favorite stocks via the Watchlist function, and support for a number of different stock exchanges worldwide. 



The application’s visual presentation is also top notch.  Clear, organized expression of the data users choose to track makes keeping tabs easy on the eyes.  The customizable charts also allow for the addition of multiple indicators, so users can streamline their experience and tell at a glance what’s going on. 

Selling at $9.99, Stock Chartist is probably a better deal than calling your broker every time you get the itch to see how the market fares.  And if you’re your own broker, well, it’s an app you really can’t do without. 


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