App Review: SquareUpMax for the iPhone

There’s no shortage of puzzle based games (or really, games in any genre) in the App Store.  Competition is fierce, and puzzle games are a perfect solution for getting the votes of the casual gaming crowd—a big portion of the mobile game-loving population.  SquareUpMax, from developers BroSoft, hopes to earn a piece of the pie.

SquareUpMax challenges players to reconstruct an arrangement of various geometric shapes, styled as blocks of wood and other objects, after an explosion has disrupted the pattern.  Players must reconstruct the pattern quickly, using the minimum number of moves to progress. 

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The controls are intuitively simple, but to succeed at this game players will need to acquire a little finesse—and for the more challenging levels, more than a little.  Speed and accuracy are key to solving SquareUpMax’s 23 levelsand the developers should have put some more effort into making the controls easier for the user.



Does SquareUpMax have what it takes to gain an audience in the rather saturated puzzle genre?  The game is certainly addictive enough.  It has plenty of what it takes to feed a puzzle-lover’s addiction.  Like the greatest puzzle games, it looks incredibly simple but the apparent simplicity hides a serious challenge.  SquareUpMax may need some polishing before it can attract a huge fan base, however.  The graphics are vector-based, in other words they are not impressive. Simple geometric shapes are par for the course for puzzle graphics, but this game could some aesthetic sense. 

The audio is as barebones as the graphics; this isn’t a deal-breaker for a puzzle game, of course.  But due to how competitive the market is, it’d behoove BroSoft to consider giving the game a slicker sound and look in future upgrades. 

If you like puzzle games you might not mind the 0.99 price tag, but if not then I would pass. However with 23 levels, two difficulty modes, and leaderboards it does have some potential but needs polishing. 

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