App Review: SpeedUpTV: Fully-loaded Video Player, File Viewer, Folder Manager & More

SpeedUpTV is a new highly rated video player for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, brimming with added features, from mix1009. With 4+ stars as of this review, it seemed time to find out what all the hype is about.  

As the name suggests, SpeedUpTV gives the user some control—actually, a lot of control—over playback speed.  Users can play back videos on their device from half the original rate of speed and up to twice as fast. While that’s the feature that the app pushes in its title, it offers a few pleasant surprises for those that expect nothing more.


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Controls are very similar to the iPhone’s native video app, for starters, when it comes to the video player.  The significant difference here is that you also have a bar used to adjust playback speed.  The range is 0.5-2.0x natural speed, and the speed can be adjusted in increments of 0.1.  

One nice touch with the playback: the player compensates for the change in speed and adjusts audio tone.  While the audio is sped up/slowed along with the video, you don’t have to deal with chipmunk voices or a bass background roar.  In addition to the video player, you can view many other file types—PDFs, JPGs, and so on.  Plus, SpeedUpTV has a built in folder manager that allows you to password locked folders.  And transferring files from your Mac or PC is a breeze with a USB cable.  

There’s nothing particularly flashy about the look of the app, but it’s well-designed and it does its job.  Playback is excellent, and the file type compatibility makes it an excellent all-purpose file manager.  

$.99 is a spot-on price point for this uber-functional application.  SpeedUpTV requires iOS 4.0 or later and is available on iTunes right now.  

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