App Review: Q Pang an Adorable, Absurd, Destructive & Addictive iOS Shoot ‘em Up!

Bobtan studio had a hit on its hands when it released Q Pang, a strikingly strange and amusing take on the traditional alien invasion standoff game type.  Developers have gone above and beyond with this little beauty, giving Q Pang even more material to satisfy current and potential fans of the game.

This little cutie of an alien destruction extravaganza pits a terrorizing tabby hero against the lime green blobby alien race, Q.  The format is nothing unusual—ground based here prevents invaders from planetary conquest from above.  The Q are determined to prove that the most advanced method of invasion is floating down from the mothership, and the hero—a kitten—is equally determined to prove them wrong.  With cake.  Well, cake isn’t his only weapon—he also boasts a machine gun, ice boom, lasers, fans, and (with the new upgrade) flamethrowers and a shot gun.  He’s a kitty packing some serious heat. 

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The controls have also been tweaked in the upgrade, giving better speed and balance modulation.  It’s a nice touch by the developers, who have already designed a fine set of intuitive, simple controls for this shoot ‘em up.  For those unfamiliar with the game, aiming is accomplished via touch screen, allowing the shooter to line up the Q in his sights.  Controls are simple, but strategy requires learning the Q tactics particular to each level, which gives the game some substance.



Other upgrade additions include a new planet with five complete new levels: Metro Planet.  This adds significantly to the game’s content.  There are also three new varieties of Q to contend with, including Steal Q, Steal Maker, and Metro Q.  The new material fits with the game’s overall great vibe,  attitude appeal and creativity.  Q Pang already had such a low boredom factor that another upgrade is just icing on the cake, so to speak.  And speaking of cake, that classic Q bait has been improved as well, so that Qs drift toward it more effectively.  An already awesome package just got a whole lot better.  It’s excellent to see developers taking a continuing interest in a game (and this isn’t the first upgrade Q pang has benefitted from).



Graphics and audio provide the final polish for this game.  Character design is great, but it takes good graphics to deliver it, and Q Pang definitely delivers.  Simple 2D dominates, but the thought that’s been put into bringing the game to life is evident.  Crisp, bright, and clear, awesome animation, and good game physics complete this casual gaming masterpiece.  The graphics take center stage, but the audio is well executed as well, with amusing, complementary sound effects.

For a dollar and ninety nine cents, especially factoring in the continuing upgrades and improvements, Q Pang is an absolute steal. 

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