iOS App Review: Piggies and Woogies: Natural Enemies

Piggy Woogy seems to operate on the premise that match-three games are way too easy and don’t feature enough lupine commandoes with their hearts set on eating you alive.  I have to agree.

Wolves in this game go by the delightful title of Woogies, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to sink their teeth into the game’s porky protagonists, Piggy and Pinny.  Piggy and Pinny, of course, are pigs, but rather than even attempting the ol’ straw house routine, they’ve opted for their own fairytale tower.  Unfortunately, the Woogies are more persistent than their huffy-puffy ancestor and think nothing of scaling said tower with murder in their hearts and saliva dripping from their jowls.  Which, obviously, is why you need to hastily line up jewels in rows of three or more, horizontally or vertically. 

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No, wait, this does actually make sense. You see, the wall of the tower is covered in jewels, and by making matches at the right time, you can dislodge the tenacious Woogies and keep them from overcoming Piggy and Pinny at the top of the tower.  To make matches, you drag the jewel you want to move towards the counterpart you wish to switch it with.  But there’s a great deal more to Piggy Woogy than making matches, which is part of what sets this game apart from other puzzles of the same type.  After all, there must be thousands of match-three games out there, across all platforms; this proves they must be popular but it also makes you wonder why anyone would design yet another one. 

Piggy Woogy is happy to provide you with an answer.  The game is, surprisingly, pretty action packed.  First of all, there’s the matter of the Woogies, which pose a satisfying challenge even in the early levels.  The game isn’t designed solely around matching, either.  There are special skills you can activate, including oil, ice, and a jumble effect, to aid in defense against the Woogy threat.  There are also special blocks which appear amongst the jewels which have a variety of different helpful attributes.  The game also triumphs over typical match-threes because of its overall design. While speed becomes important because the numbers of wolves do escalate, there are also a variety of wolf types.  Too many puzzles rely upon simply drowning you by constantly upping the necessary speed, without giving players the opportunity to face new types of challenges.

The graphics are cute, the intro is nicely accomplished, and the audio is a pleasant fairy-tale score (if a little repetitive). 

Piggy Woogy is one of the most charming games in the App Store, and there’s a huge potential for it to appeal the growing numbers of jaded matching-game lovers who think there really isn’t anything new under the sun.  It’s also got charm enough to draw in a new generation of puzzle newbies who think that the traditional matching games just don’t offer enough action. It’s only $1.99 in the App Store, available now, and well worth checking out!


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