App Review: Lamebo vs Zombie for iPhone



With the vast number of iPhone games available, it takes some doing for a game to get noticed—let alone be acclaimed.  And there’s no shortage of games with Zombies, who seem to be the undead-du-jour of mobile gaming at the moment.  Nonetheless, Swag Soft’s Lamebo vs Zombies manages to be an attention-grabber and better yet, worthy of a deeper look.  

Visually, the game’s easy on the eyes.  Too many App Store offerings from developers without graphic talents (or a graphic team behind them) give great gameplay and poor aesthetics.  Lamebo vs Zombies  has the visual polish gamers want.  The animation in the cut scenes is smooth and entertaining—you won’t find yourself trying to skip them.  Intuitive layout, design, and controls are perfectly integrated with this graphic polish. 



The audio is another big score for Lamebo vs Zombies.  Rather than endless repetitive sound effects, Swag Soft has injected the game with a healthy dose of character and wit.  Lamebo’s humor will be reminiscent of Duke Nukem for some gamers.  If you tend to immediately mute game audio, give this one a chance before you reach for the volume.

The design of the game, enables you to play one handed, a choice more developers should make for mobile games.  If you can game just about anywhere, why not be as comfortable as possible in the process?  The gameplay itself consists of waves of zombie hordes, where the object is to mow down these baddies before they get to you.  Aiming is accomplished with the touch screen, and it’s very responsive.  Since this is a 360 degree standoff, that’s a good thing.  The simplicity of the concept and controls system mean this is a perfect pick-up-and-play time sink. 




 Progressing through the 36 levels will give Lamebo the opportunity to unlock 7 new weapons and earn 21 upgrades, giving this game a bit more substance than some of the endless-hordes genre offers.  The difficulty increases as you progress,  and it’s a it’s a sensible learning curve while maintaining the challenge.  Once the player has conquered story mode, an endless-kill mode is unlocked.  It’s a nice feature that gives the game increased playability for those who find replaying a story mode tedious. 


This is the first in what will hopefully be an ongoing franchise.  Given that Lamebo vs Zombies [iTunes Link] is well-designed, thoroughly vetted, completely addictive, and just plain fun, we can hope for more of the same in future updates or sequels.  Get in on the ground floor and give this hot little game a shot today.

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