App Review: Fully Loaded "Top Camera" Tops Competing Camera Apps Easily

Lucky Clan’s impressive new camera and photo editing app, Top Camera, has many iPhone users ditching other apps as unnecessary clutter.  The secret to Top Camera’s appeal is its ability to all of the  most-wanted cam and editing features in one well-organized and easy to use interface.  From photo capturing to enhancement to sharing across multiple platforms, Top Camera is a one-stop-shop for the iPhone photo enthusiast.

The camera module performs as well or better than any other cam replacement in iTunes, and leaves the native app in the dust.  The stabilizer, zoom, and auto white balance features are perfectly executed.  Exposure, focus, and virtual horizon/level are flawless.  Helpful little add-ons like the whole screen button and grid features simplify photography at its finest.  And Top Camera’s HDR mode makes the native app look amateur by comparison.  Top Camera easily replaces those so-called camera replacement apps effortlessly. 

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It’s not just photo capture that Top Camera excels at.  Many apps drop the ball when it comes to organizing the memories collected by the camera, but not this one.  Storage and organization is simple with Top Camera’s folder manager.  Easier still is sharing.  Exporting to the photo library, email, and clipboard is intuitive, and Top Camera integrates support for Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr sharing as well. 

Of course, freshly snapped shots aren’t always ready for primetime, but Top Camera’s editing features also shine.  Crop anyway you choose—from the anything-goes free-mode to getting help with ratios.  Users can rotate, flip, and adjust practically every element of the image from saturation to shadows, amping up contrast or cooling down tones.  For more flair, they can make use of the extensive filter selection for dramatic black and whites, retro effects, and much more.  And finally, users can finish it off with a professional or whimsical border.  Photos can be imported from the photo library to be edited as well; they don’t have to be taken in Top Camera to make use of its enhancement studio.



Updates and added features are on the way, according to developers.  It’s hard to imagine how an app includes so much already while still being so simple to use.  But Top Camera’s user interface is so slick, that thought will be forgotten as soon as it’s open.  If anyone can squeeze more into an app already packed with features, it’s the developers of this one.

You can download it for only $.99 here

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