App Review: Child’s Play in a Challenging New Free Game: Baby Jones


Graffiti Games and QUByte Interactive have recently launched a new game in the app store that’s free for a limited time.  This is a brand new concept, but designed to charm gamers with old-fashioned casual gaming flair.  Baby Jones is definitely poised to become the next addictive must-have game for those who want a decent pick-up-and-play option.  iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch users with iOS 3.0 and up should all give this game a try.  

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The game’s central character is its namesake, Baby Jones.  This adorable little scamp can’t sit still for a second, and it’s the player’s duty to make sure the little fellow gets his playthings before he scampers right out the door.  To do so, the player will use several different methods.  Once Baby Jones gets close enough to a toy, grabbing it is practically automatic.  The challenge is to get him close enough.  Objects in the room can be manipulated by the player to create a path or an obstacle, to keep the baby on track.  Be careful not to nudge the baby with objects, though.  An upset baby means restarting that stage.  The other option is to lure Baby Jones with candy.  This is very effective, but it does require an in app purchase. 



The player doesn’t directly control Baby Jones, which makes the controls system very simple.  All the player is really trying to do is move objects in the room, because the baby keeps moving on his own constantly.  Objects are manipulated with a simple drag-and-drop system.

                What makes Baby Jones a guaranteed winner is its unique concept.  Instead of being the baby, the player interacts with the game’s main character as sort of a faceless parent.  There’s also a great deal of content in the game, which players will have more of a grasp of as they complete stages and check out the new environments that become available. The other awesome thing about this game is that it doesn’t depend on cheap tricks to satisfy.  It’s a traditional “gather up X items” set up, but with a fun theme and addictive design. 



The game play is 100% 3D animation and this helps up the visual interest. The highly detailed main character and environment just add more to this equation.  The music suits the game perfectly, but that can be a little trying as nursery room music might get a little old.  It’ll probably be a pro for some players and a con for others, but it’s nothing that detracts from the game in any real sense.

Baby Jones [iTunes Link] sets a great example for the developers out there who want to really gather new players to the fold.  Rather than depending on gimmicks, violence, or shock-value, this game depends on good game design, an original theme, and quality visuals.  It’s rare enough to see that in the app store, and even more rare to see it for free—which is how much this game is, for a limited time only!

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