App Review: Alien: Doodle UFO: Slingshots vs. Extraterrestrials?


Only in a post-Angry Birds world would a slingshot be considered adequate anti-alien artillery.  But so be it, who knows what we’ll have at hand when they come for us?  Alien: Doodle UFO by Morning Egg, Inc. pits players against some oddly illustrated alien aircraft with a weapon that looks devised by Tom Sawyer.  And… it’s a whole lot of fun.

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Players enter this doodle world and find a cartoonish backdrop with ground-mounted slingshot to the left side of the screen; from the right float the enemy UFOs.  They’re not particularly UFO-looking, more like  little blobs with glowing eyes.  The overall presentation is pretty cute and casual-game appropriate.  The game is slightly more complex than Angry Birds in some ways, and simpler than others.  First, you’re shooting at UFOs as they move, not knocking down mostly stationary structures to smash what’s inside.  Second, you have lives, displayed with the icon set at the top left of the screen. There’s also a wind factor rating, and a money tally.


The controls are very simple, and if you’ve handled any slingshot-based app before it’ll be a natural transition, albeit one with physics that will take getting used to.  The physics engine of Alien: Doodle UFO seems slightly counter-intuitive at first, but it’s very consistent so it doesn’t take long to get the hang of.

The game’s level of complexity is perfect for a pick-up-and-play addictive casual gaming experience.  Money is collected via progression through the levels and is used to upgrade the projectiles and slingshot; this feature gives the a little extra oomph to bring players back again and again.



Alien: Doodle UFO is a sleek, polished little game.  If you’re not a fan of the graph paper/doodle style of graphics in games like Doodle Jump, don’t be put off by the name.  The “doodle” in Alien: Doodle UFO refers to the painterly, hand-drawn cartoon style of the game’s visual element, but it’s far more advanced than mere doodling. The graphics are clear, with a pleasing color scheme, and whimsically charming.

The entertaining and amusing Alien: Doodle UFO is priced nice for a casual game at $0.99, and it’s available in iTunes now.  

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