Another Contact App? my facecard Does it Differently

Okay, so it seems like there’s always some hot new way to organize your contacts popping up, and these new methods generally turn out to be so much hype.  The developers of my facecard, however, actually have a pretty novel new set up. 

First of all, drop the whole idea of compiling your contacts’information.  With my facecard, each user puts together their own info on their own individual “facecard.”  That seems like a simple enough idea, but this is the first time I’ve seen it executed so neatly.  You build your own card, which is basically a contact card that you can dress up with photos, colors, and fonts.  Advertise yourself and express yourself all in one go, essentially.  Then, you share the card with your friends.  Facecards created by my facecard are cloud synced so no one has to worry about losing anything, or deleting something. 

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The interface is brutally simple—as soon as you open the app, it tells you how to make your facecard via a simple slide, then you make it.  The steps involved are accessed one by one in the sidebar, and really, it takes about five minutes.  Preview, save (upload), and share.  It’s so fast because your information is entered into a standard form, which the app then converts to text and icons on your card which you can arrange.  It’s a good spread of contact info, from name and phone number, to website, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  The icons for mailing, calling, texting, and accessing profiles are hotlinked from the card, so your contacts can bring up the card and then contact you however they’d like, directly.  The other cool thing about my facecard is that the info is super easy to exchange in person as well. You can use the “bump”feature to gently tap phones with another my facecard user, and voila!


I like the concept a lot, and I think it’s about time for something this simple and elegant and free of the confusing mess the address book can sometimes be.  But I do think my facecard is a little too simple in some ways.  First, you can only have one facecard at a time, per account. I haven’t tried making multiple accounts yet, but if it’s possible and this app takes off, I will.  I don’t want everyone to have the same set of information, and with the sync feature, I’m not sure what happens with previously shared cards when they’re edited.  I can’t access my older versions.  Another thing—the one bit of info that’s mandatory is the phone number.  I find this odd, since plenty of people connect through web apps on their iPhone without wanting to share their phone number with everyone they meet.  I definitely have more Facebook friends than I have people I’d hand my number out to.  That’s just me though, it might not bother most people.

It’s a sleek little way to compile your own info, and I like that.  I do think it could use some polishing, but this is also a brand new way to make contact, so that’s expected.  If the devs respond to user feedback, it could be great. It’s FREE to download my facecard on iTunes; check it out!

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