Amazing Kitty: Cute Feline-themed Puzzler

Amazing Kitty from Shiconal is a feel-good feline-themed puzzle matching game that is practically guaranteed to have players addicted from the get-go.

The simple premise of this friendly little matching game is to get two of the bouncy, square-ish kitties that look alike to touch-and to tap them before they lose contact, and meet each stage’s clear-condition goal. Sounds familiar enough, right? Don’t get too ahead of yourself—Amazing Kitty might sound like a typical matching game, but it has plenty of charm all its own.

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The game’s unique controls system is one of the things that make Amazing Kitty so irresistible. Each cat character is designed to fit into a square form, which responds to the movement of player’s device.  The game’s physics are intuitive and consistent, but that doesn’t mean the kitties are always predictable. The kitty cubes tumble and bounce like half-filled helium balloons, making catching them as they match as challenging as getting them to match up in the first place.  The matched kitties won’t clear unless they’re tapped while touching, keeping players engaged and making formulaic play nearly impossible.

Besides the game’s fantasy-fun physics, the character design and overall game presentation make Amazing Kitty one of the most delightful App Store offerings of the year. The Amazing Kitty icon, the cute lucky cat with a raised paw, is only the beginning. Prepare for an avalanche of adorable feline friends to fill your screen. Tabbies, calicos, and Siamese cats take their turns along with pastel hued kittens and neon felines.  Cheerful, wide-eyed with innocence, or delightfully disdainful, cats with every possible expression bounce forth, waiting to for you to reunite them with kitties like themselves. You only need two touching kitties to make a match, but of course, matching more than two at a time and stacking combos both have their rewards. Earning coins gives you the chance to place kitties precisely where you want them, by sliding them across the screen.  Two modes of play satisfy puzzle-lovers who want to unlock stages in Classic Mode or run on adrenaline in Speed Mode.

Amazing Kitty looks and sounds great, with graphics that pop on the Retina display and bring out every adorable detail of the whole kit and caboodle. From the itsy bitsy pink paw pads of the baby blue kitty to the serene swoop of the good-luck kitty’s whiskers, Amazing Kitty gets everything right.  Even the background music and sound effects match the carnival colors and bouncy personality of the game without being too saccharine.

Amazing Kitty is available now in the iTunes App Store for $1.99, and it’s worth every penny and then some.

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