White Christmas App Review

Since the holidays are coming; it only makes sense to produce an app that will adhere to the jolly season.  Everlasting memories naturally occur during Christmas time and are usually enhanced by unique and beloved photos.  This is why White Christmas was created!  This is where you can take as many pictures as you want with some highlighted seasonal features that can make them more than just memorable.  In fact, it’s a great way to take a simple family photo and add some Christmas cheer to it! 

When you initially log onto the app; you are instantly taken to the camera with different featured options that can be used.  Luckily; the app actually makes a quick reference to the function of each tab, but this can also be learned by simply playing with it.  It’s not very difficult and that deserves a thumb’s up towards the developer.  The first thing that you’ll notice is a beautiful snow fall that is meant to be captured when snapping a picture.  The bottom left cloud will give you different options of snowfall to personalize.  You can even determine the speed and design of snowfall which can really make every snap unique!

white christmas iPhone app review

The top left function in the shape of a reindeer operates the flash while the Santa Clause taking a picture on the right determines which camera to use.  In other words; if you have a dual camera device, you’re able to access both.  But, the top option pictured as a Christmas tree with a snowman is the most fun to play with. 

Once this is clicked; you are taken to an option page that offers different seasonal pictures and sayings that can be added to the backdrop of falling snow.  Some are comedic characters such as Santa Clause or even Rudolph singing!  And then there are others that can be served as Christmas frames, a variety of beautiful holiday trees, and many different character snowmen to position.  The text button at the top provides the best holiday slogans that can easily transform a family picture into a unique Christmas card.  A great added feature would be an option to create your own text, but that will probably be a future update.

When you’ve chosen the picture or text to add; you can swipe your fingers to enlarge or reduce the size of your preferred addition.  It can be placed anywhere on the picture and the amount that can be added is endless.  This can only be done before the picture is physically taken; so a suggestion to the developer would be a way to upload current pictures and still have the ability to create some fun with the characters provided. 

White Christmas for iPhone

Back to the border on the main page; the bottom middle button allows you to snap the picture with your chosen and unique additions. Each picture that is taken can be accessed by clicking on the bottom left button that holds a portrait of a snowman and Santa Clause.  You’ll be able to access the previous pictures taken and choose whether to view them, delete them, or even share them with any social network, email, or just the main device’s album. 

So, if you’re looking for something new and enjoyable to enhance the pictures that are taken during this holiday season; then White Christmas is worth the download.  With some of the best functions and options that can be found on a seasonal app; this by far takes the cake and is quite addicting!  

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